Reviews for Red Tide

“For fans of the serial killer genre, Red Tide is an engaging, well-plotted story with characters you won’t forget.”
— L.J. Sellers, author of the bestseller Detective Jackson mysteries
“The characters were engaging and as the stakes kept rising, I worried about them as if they were old friends….Brantley manages to cover a lot of ground and gives her characters depth and complexity.”
—Jaden Terrell, author of RACING THE DEVIL and A CUP FULL OF MIDNIGHT
“This book will go a long way in introducing Brantley to readers as a force to be reckoned with in the thriller/mystery niche.”
—The Dirty Lowdown,
“The main characters… have a good balance of haunted flaws and gutsy strengths, and the plot involves a lot of danger and risk…”
—Kingdom Books, Mysteries–Classic to Cutting Edge
“The text is fast-paced and sharp, which will appeal to thriller readers. Colorado comes through in this story, much as it does in Diane Mott Davidson’s beloved “Goldy” series.”
—An Amazon Reviewer
“Hard to believe that RED TIDE is Peg Brantley’s first book. The story grabs you from the first page and holds your attention throughout.”
—An Amazon Reviewer
“Fast-paced, easy read that is well-written and well-researched, with a cracking good story that satisfied on many levels…”
—An Amazon Reviewer
“Peg Brantley’s RED TIDE… depicts strained but vital family relationships.”
—Confessions of a Mystery Novelist…